Rules of the program “Club friends Faceology”

  1. Any guest of Faceology after the first procedure can become a member of the “Faceology Friends Club” program.
  2. The corporate care / massage procedure (60 minutes) (hereinafter referred to as the “gift procedure”) is provided as a gift after visiting 9 of any facial treatments for 90 days.
  3. The procedure as a gift can be used within 30 days from the date of the 9th visit. She can not be transferred to another guest.
  4. When calculating the number of procedures for receiving a gift, the services of make-up, correction and coloring of eyebrows, eyelashes, styling, procedures for advertising gift cards, as well as the special offer “Beauty Branch” are not taken into account.
  5. When calculating the number of procedures for receiving a gift, only personal visits to a specific guest are taken into account, including gift certificates and subscriptions, which are recorded by the phone number specified when registering for the procedure.
  6. The procedure as a gift is summarized with the promotion “Make-up as a gift for a birthday party”.
  7. The next period of 90 days starts from the date of the first visit after using the procedure as a gift.
  8. To clarify the current number of procedures, please contact your Faceology administrator, or call: (499) 519 00 87
  9. Faceology reserves the right to change the current program conditions by informing participants by posting on, on the official Instagram page on Instagram.
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